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When feeding green fodder to horses, and during the stall period 4-5 kg of silage per day, gadfly larvae develop faster and leave the body earlier. For the destruction of mature larvae excreted with feces, horse manure is placed in a manure storage and subjected to biothermal neutralization. The body of gadflies, like all insects, consists of ampicillin pills sections - the head, chest and abdomen. The head in shape approaches the hemisphere, it has complex and simple eyes, rudimentary mouth organs. The chest of the gadfly consists of three sections. On the sides, one pair of wings is attached to the chest, the second is rudimentary.

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The larvae injure tissues with their spines and fixation organs, which leads to disruption of the motor and secretory functions of the affected organs, as well as intoxication of the host organism with metabolic products and the secretion of ampicillin glands of gadfly larvae. In the habitats of the larvae, an inflammatory process develops, crater-shaped wounds form. Often there is a rebirth and even perforation of the walls of the duodenum or stomach.

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Horses are in a state of sensitization with larval metabolic products. Symptoms and course. Clinical signs of gastrophiles are not specific. A weak degree of invasion in healthy horses does not appear. In heavily infested animals, chronic gastroenteritis, pallor of the mucous membranes, loss and perversion of appetite, progressive emaciation, often convulsive contraction of the jaws and symptoms of colic are observed.

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Prevention and control measures. On days of mass flight, gadflies keep horses indoors and graze at night.

Gastrophyllus eggs are scraped off the hair shafts with a sharp knife blade once a week. The coat is periodically irrigated with emulsions of neostomazan, butox, protein, ectocin-5, racidol. It is also necessary to observe the measures of personal prevention.

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